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Five Things Parents Should Let Their Kids Do Themselves

Five Things Parents Should Let Their Kids Do Themselves

To parents their child is everything and they will do everything in their power to ensure that the child does not have to face any adversity, harm or even the slightest bit of discomfort. As parents, we are often guilty of going overboard, doing too much for our children. While doing things for them, what we as parents don’t realize is that if we continue doing everything for children, they will never learn how to do these very things. The kids will always remain dependent on parents or elders and will not enjoy any independence.

We aren’t saying parents should not help their children. Help by all means until the child learns to do the task. Once he/she has learnt, just observe. The child will ask for help if he/she needs it. Do not become a hindrance in your child’s journey of becoming self-sufficient in doing certain tasks.

Mentioned below are five things parents should let their kids do themselves:

1.Take Control Of Their Activities

This means being responsible for their stuff including toys and books. Do not clean up behind their mess. Instead, ask the child to put the toys back in their place after playing with them and putting the books back into the bookshelf. If they feel sleepy, teach them to stop playing five minutes earlier before they want to sleep so there is still time left to keep the toys back to their place.

2.Make Their Own Choices

Please let your child make his/her own choices. This applies to clothes, toys as well as hobbies. Parents can advise the child but the final choice should rest with the child. You cannot know what they want. They know what they want; they just need to believe in their choices. If you continue making choices for children, they will never start trusting themselves and making their own choices.


Children need not be supervised all the time. Let them read a storybook all by themselves or do their homework on their own. Ask them to come to find you and take your help if they get stuck but ask them to try doing their homework on their own. Brushing teeth, taking a shower before school etc. are all things that children can do on their own. Sure, remind them if needed but instil the seed of self-discipline in them. 

4.Speak For Themselves

Let your child form her own opinion and speak up for himself/herself. You cannot do all the talking for the child. Instead, encourage him/her to speak. Even if the child is shy, with time he/she will begin to get out of the shell and speak for herself/himself.

5.Play Alone

There is no harm in playing alone. A child playing alone is not equal to a lonely child. Let your child explore and make discoveries of his/her own while he/she plays. You don’t always have to play with him/her.


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