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Five Sidewalk Chalk Ideas For Learning And Fun

Five Sidewalk Chalk Ideas For Learning And Fun

With the pandemic still on, parents are being cautious about letting children go out and play, and rightfully so. But parents are also worried about how to keep children entertained without burning a hole in the pocket. Put your worries at rest, for we have brought a fun way to keep children entertained and occupied. All you need is some chalk. Take chalks and take your child downstairs in the common area of your residence, if you live in apartments or just outside in the backyard and let the fun and learning begin.

Mentioned below are five sidewalk chalk ideas for learning and fun:


1.    Sidewalk Chalk Outdoor Math: You can always engage the child in the old school hopscotch game. But you can also take it a notch higher. Begin by drawing squares and add simple math calculations to it, something that your child can do like two plus three or five minus four. As the child lands on that particular square, he/she is supposed to solve the equation and then move ahead.

2.Sidewalk Chalk Spelling Hop: What if we told you that you can make your own alphabet mat with chalks? Yes, you can.  Make a grid six squares across and five squares down. Write down the alphabets and if after the alphabets, there are any squares left, make a question mark on these squares. Now you can use this mat to help your child practice spellings. He/she has to hop on each alphabet that forms the word and if he/she is not sure, he/she needs to stand on the question mark so that you can help him/her.

3.Clock Face: Draw a giant clock on the ground with numbers and do not make the hands. Let, the children to form of hands of the clock. You can call out a particular time and then have the child lie down to show the time with the help of his/her hands. This can be used to teach children how to read the clock.

4.Sidewalk Obstacle Course: Make an obstacle course around the house. You can include the good old hopscotch, small circles for jumping, a curved line to balance on, a spot to do a dance and end with a spot where the child has to twist and twirl. You can add whatever you can think of to this obstacle course. Your child will not just get some exercise but will also have fun.

5.Giant Line Of Numbers: Draw a number line that is big enough to write numbers. Now call out sums and ask your child to jump along the number line as they work out the sum. For example, if you ask the child eighteen minus five, the child needs to jump backwards five times from eighteen to reach thirteen.

Chalks are a cost-effective and easily available tool to play and learn with. You don’t need any fancy types of equipment and don’t need to spend obscene amounts of money to keep your child entertained or help him/her learn. Take learning outside with sidewalk chalks! 


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