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Five Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Five Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills


It is no big secret that fine motor skills play an integral part in the development of a child. From holding a pen to zipping up their jacket, turning a switch on and off, motor skills are required at every step of growing up.

They say “Practice makes a man perfect”. This applies to motor skills also. Fine motor skills become better and children become more skilled as they practice activities requiring fine motor skills. 


We have compiled a list of fine motor skill activities to brush up the fine motor skills of your toddler. Incorporating these activities in daily life can help enhance the fine motor skills of your child. 



1. Playing with play-dough

Play-dough is one of the most versatile materials for children to play with. Give your child some buttons, a pair of age-appropriate scissors and some matchsticks. They can dig the buttons and matchsticks in, cut the play-dough into shapes and then dig out the buttons and matchsticks before they begin again. This activity will help children develop hand strength also. 


2. Lego fun

You would be surprised at how many benefits playing with Legos offers. The Lego blocks help children practice skills that require hand-eye coordination. The assembling and breaking down the structures, separating Lego blocks helps children control the pressure they apply while playing with Legos leading to fine motor skill enhancement. It improves creativity and teaches children teamwork when they work with peers to create a Lego structure. 


3. Sticking stickers

 Playing with stickers is a great way to develop a child’s grip. With stickers, the very edge of the tip of fingers is required to peel it off and then stick it on a surface. It leads to the development of bilateral hand coordination and building the strength of intrinsic hand muscles.


4. Lacing alphabet beads

Beads with alphabets written on them are easily available in the market. They are big and chunky thus making it very easy to play with them. Children don’t just develop fine motor skills but also learn and engage with the alphabet in this activity. It can be used to learn spellings, form words and enhance a child’s vocabulary along with hand skills. 


5. Cutting mazes

All you need for this activity is some child-friendly scissors, paper, and some pens. Ask your child to draw a maze on a paper, help them if they had trouble drawing a proper clear-lined maze. Then ask them to cut along the drawn lines. This will help your child develop scissor skills. However, don’t forget to ensure and confirm that the scissors are age-appropriate and do not have sharp edges.


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