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EMPOWER WOMEN? SORRY, WE’VE A DIFFERENT OPINION! Hey there, I don’t know who are you but either you’re someone’s mother, sister, wife, daughter or you’ve them. We hear a lot of about women’s rights and her equality. However, we think it in a broader aspect, she isn’t worth pitying, she is worth being proud of. Nobody can empower women, they’re already empowered! Shanti Juniors Preschool believes in just giving platform to women who’re already empowered. We don’t upgrade them, we groom them. We don’t impart them skills, we re-direct already the Co skilled-women. She is powerful and she is indeed a good-decision maker. We know few of the Indian Women, who have actually set the benchmark. Here we share few examples to narrate our perspective. Nannamal, 98 years old, Yoga Teacher (Coimbatore) Photo courtesy : The Hindu An empowered woman, she is ultra-flexible at this age and above all, she does advanced yoga for 2-3 hours daily and teach others for the rest of the day along with her daily routines. She hasn’t visited any clinic or hospital till date. This is the power of her dedication and her belief in herself. This is what we believe is an Empowered Woman! Here is Ruchi Sanghvi, Facebook’s 1st female engineer Photo Courtesy : Livemint She was the brain behind the personalized newspaper concept which came to you through facebook. Earlier social media were more of an online album where you’ve to think of a person and get into her/his profile to see the updates. Her idea changed the perspective globally and made the facebook a legend within the shortest tenure and later she introduced facebook messenger too. Inspite of achieving such stupendous success, she had the confidence and the guts to quit facebook as she was lacking challenges in her career and started her own venture! We have many such Women at Shanti Juniors who actually changed their monotonous lives and made their strong shift with us. Be it teachers, staff, business partners or counselors. Many of our partners are running preschool business in India successfully. It was a small start for them, which made them grow so well that there contribution in the society is visible. And they see the farsighted vision with us and we salute them for who they are! And you thought that you can empower women by protesting and lighting candles! PC : The Blaze IT’S ALREADY YOURS, YOU JUST NEED TO PICK IT UP! So join hands with Shanti Juniors – one of the top pre school chains in India and start your own preschool– a low investment high return business.


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