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Creating Family Rules That Work

Creating Family Rules That Work

Family rules are rules that apply to every member of the family irrespective of their age. Family rules explicitly state what behaviour of the members of the family is acceptable, and what behaviour is not acceptable.

While making rules, remember that these rules are not restricted to children alone. They apply to adults as well. So creating a rule of ‘bedtime at eight’ should not be done unless the adults of the house have intentions to follow the rule as well.

Family rules make children understand what is okay and what is not okay. It creates structure, discipline and consistency in the family. With children growing up, they will soon have to go to preschool or school where they have to follow the rules.  Beginning to follow the rules at home will help children transition better to follow the rules at school.  Family rules also clearly set out what the expectations are from each member of the family. They give children a sense of safety and security.

But it is crucial to remind ourselves every day that it is okay to make mistakes. All of us are bound to slip into making a mistake from time to time. That does not mean we do it on purpose. The list of family rules should be revised from time to time, as children grow up. That will help them develop and grow into a responsible individual.

Before setting rules, talk to each other and take suggestions from everyone into consideration. Keep giving children reminders of the rules in innovative and creative ways

Mentioned below are four crucial rules that children should be taught:

1.Respect Other Family Member’s Privacy: Families are there to share happiness and sorry, but it is also important to respect other member’s privacy as well. Kids should be taught to knock before entering someone’s room. This will inculcate the habit of developing a personal space for each member.

2. Be Honest: Family is our first friend and often a set of the group we can rely on. However, they will only be able to help us if we are honest and truthful in our conversation with them. To establish a healthy relationship, honesty is of paramount importance, be it in sharing problems or sharing constructive criticism.

3.Pick up After Your Ownself: This is one habit that can create a lasting impression for an individual and help them be self-sufficient in their life. Each member of the family should be taught to pick up or clean up after themselves. Such habits should be inculcated in areas such as putting their clothes in the wash, picking up their own plates, making their own bed etc. While it might seem like a chore to the member, this rule will make the family members thank the creator of the rule.

4.Have Some Scheduled Family Time: A family should not have to arrange a meeting with each other but modern lifestyle means that it would often become difficult for all family members to be present all at once. It is a wise decision for all to set apart a few hours in the week to spend time with the family. Not only will this increase the intimacy amongst the members, but it will also allow family members to discuss any rules mentioned here or other problems and come to an amicable solution rather than frothing about the same.

There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained.
                                                                    - Winston. S. Churchill




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