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4 Indoor Movement Activities for Preschoolers

4 Indoor Movement Activities for Preschoolers

All of us know that children need to burn off their excess energies. However, this can be particularly tough when the country is on lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic and children are being exposed to massive risk by going outside.

 Here are 4 Indoor movement activities to keep your little one engage and busy at home:

1.The Find Game: Pick a colour and ask your children to bring you items of that colour from all around the house. For example, tell them “Find something blue”. Children will move and search the entire house to bring you something blue. To make the activity more interesting, you can hide specific things and ask them to get it for you. e.g.: Get me the blue book from the room on the extreme left.

2. Move it with Paper Plates: This is two indoor activities combined into one. Turn a simple hour of the day into art hour and ask children to paint paper plates in four colours being red, yellow, blue and green. Since they have to use a colour per plate, it will be more fun and exciting for them to colour it. Now arrange the coloured plates in a line and ask them to step on only the green coloured plates [Make sure the plates are at reasonable and reachable distance for children]. Another alternative to this is asking children to put two hands on the paper plates, and two knees and move around on all fours.

3.Penguin Ball Walk: Take an inflated ball and ask children to keep it between their legs and try walking without dropping the ball. You can show the kids how penguins walk and ask them to try replicating it. To make this game interesting, you can turn it into a race by measuring who walks the longest distance.

4.Tape Shape Game: This is a brilliant game to teach children about shapes, letters, colours and numbers. Take various coloured tapes and make shapes, letters and numbers on the floor with this tape. Ask your child to stand on the letter, number, shape or colour of their choice and then give them instructions to reach the next destination, e.g.: ‘jump like a frog to number 8’or “crawl to the letter Z”.

These activities are not just a great cure to boredom but also strengthen the body and aids in gross as well as fine more development of children. Use these activities to keep your children entertained and prevent them from creating utter chaos and ruckus in the house.


Parents can also indulge in movement with intention activities like yoga, meditation, martial arts, and breathing exercises. Staying indoors is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our family right now.

Stay home, Stay Safe.

Happy parenting!


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