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20 Positive Affirmations for Parents of Preschoolers

20 Positive Affirmations for Parents of Preschoolers

Often parents wonder how affirmations could help them as they are grown up adults. But affirmations have advantages for parents just like they benefit children. An affirmation builds confidence and boosts it further. It is a great way to build resilience, counter negativity in life. Affirmations can help in creating a positive mindset. Positive parenting can be practised by parents by repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis.

Mentioned below are 20 positive affirmations that parents should practice:

  1.  I am doing the best I can for my child.

  2.  I love my children exactly as they are.

  3.  I am willing to learn and grow.

  4. I believe and have faith in my parenting.

  5. I will do my best efforts to practice positive parenting.

  6.  I am confident and growing in my role as a parent.

  7.  I am grateful for everyone and everything that helps me in being a good parent.

  8.  I will not compare myself to other parents. Neither will I compare my children with other children.

  9. The health and well-being of my children is my topmost priority.

  10. I teach my children to respect and love their bodies.

  11. I use disciplining methods appropriately so that my child benefits the most from the same.

  12. I am patient and will keep my cool with children at all times.

  13. I will always speak to my children in a kind and loving way.

  14. I am grateful for my family.

  15. I try to set the best example and be a good role model for my children.

  16. I am allowing my children and give them the opportunity to grow, make mistakes and then help them to learn from their mistakes.

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