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10 Tips to Help Children Speak Better English

10 Tips to Help Children Speak Better English


Today, every parent wants their child to be able to speak and communicate in the English language with ease. Being able to speak English proficiently without making grammatical errors and using the right pronunciation is a skill that parents want their kids to be empowered with. They want their kids to be able to read well, have a well diverse vocabulary. But most importantly, parents want children to be able to speak English confidently. We cannot expect toddlers to not make grammatical mistakes and not have trouble getting the pronunciation of a word right. However, we can help kids develop their language skills and vocabulary so that they can speak English effortlessly. 


Mentioned below are some tips that can help your child speak better English: 


1. Communicate in the house during the day to day activities in English itself. This will make the child’s English skills stronger. Moreover, they will learn new words which will lead to the widening of their vocabulary.

2. Help children learn English the way they would learn their first language. Effective ways to do so is by playing common games like dress-up, card games as well as hides and seek using the English language itself. 

3. Get storybooks in English for your child. These must be appropriate for their age and should not have words that are too difficult for the child to read. 

4. When going out to an event or just for a drive, ask your child to read the billboards. Now they won’t immediately read it in the right way but you can help them. This game can be used to keep the child entertained during a long journey.

5. Listening to audio books is also a good way to teach children English. A range of audio books consisting of interesting stories and easy rhymes are easily available on the internet.

6. Practice vocabulary for toys and furniture when you are helping your child to tidy their bedroom (‘Let’s put your teddy bear on the bed!’, ‘Where is the red car?’).

7. Let your child accompany you on the next trip to the supermarket or grocery store. When you go to the supermarket, give your child a list of things to find (use pictures or words depending on their age). Revise the words learnt when you put the shopping away at home.

8. If you want to correct your children, don't correct every mistake, and never interrupt them to correct. Wait until they finish speaking, then say the word or the sentence correctly and encourage them to repeat. Making mistakes is an important part of learning a language.

9. Have an ‘English day’ at your house. Invite the child’s friends to come to overstay for the day. Make a game where the children are only supposed to talk to each other in English. You can add giving points to the game to make it more interesting and competitive.

10. Watch animated movies or cartoons with children in English keeping subtitles on. Children can read the words while watching cartoons, thus improving their English. 



The only way to improve English speaking is by speaking English as much as possible. Learning English speaking is like learning how to ride a bike, or learn swimming. It cannot be learned by memorizing. Practicing is the only way. After all, practice makes a man perfect right?!


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