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10 Hygiene Habits That Should Be Taught To Children

10 Hygiene Habits That Should Be Taught To Children


The secret to forming habits is that you try instilling them at an early age and repeat it until it becomes a habit. Good hygiene helps in fighting bacteria and infection and is essential to maintain overall health. Good hygiene habits need to be taught to set the foundation for the future health of the child. These habits last through their lives and help children develop a healthy personality.


 Here are ten hygiene habits you must teach your child:


1.Parents should give importance to oral hygiene. Parents should make sure that the child brushes for at least 2 minutes twice a day. This can protect your child against dental issues and bad breath. You should monitor your child initially when he/she brushes and floss, and remind him or her to pay attention to the back teeth.


2. There is a proper way to wash hands. If washed too quickly, chances are the dirt remains in the hands. Too slowly, chances are the hands become coarse and dry. Teach children how to wet the hands, lather soap and then clean it off with water. Teach children to wash hands after they come home from school or from playing and before eating anything. Washing hands is the best way to ward off infections.


3.If your child is having old or a cough, teach him/her to cover the nose while sneezing and cover the mouth while coughing to avoid the spreading of germs. Teach your child to always carry a clean napkin with him/her.  



4. Teach your child to eat slowly and chew correctly and to not over-fill the mouth when eating. Also, make your child understand the importance of closing the mouth while eating and not make any sounds whatsoever. Teach them to wipe their mouth with a napkin after they finish eating.


5. Teach your children basic table manners and how to use the fork, spoon, and knife while eating. Though with the knife, you risk the child getting hurt. So get an age-friendly set of a spoon, knife, and fork for children to use and brush up their eating manners with.


6.One of the easiest ways to keep a child healthy is by insisting on bathing twice a day. Make sure the child take a bath before going to school and before they go to bed. The additional benefit of taking a bath before hitting the bed is that it will help them sleep better.


7. Teach your children to always flush the loo after every use and to wash their hands afterwards.


8. Teach children how it is essential to wash their hair at least thrice a week, washing the scalp with shampoo, applying conditioner and then rinsing it off with water.


9. Encourage your child to keep his/her shoes dry and clean. You should also teach your child to always keep the socks in the wash after use and to never wear dirty socks. The shoes should be polished regularly.


10.Insist on children finishing off all the food on the plate and to not leave anything behind. Teach them to put the bowl or plate in the sink after eating and to wipe the area/table where they ate with a clean cloth. If your child is too young to do it on his own, help him do it.


 The best way to teach children is by demonstrating.  Practice what you preach. Habits cannot be developed overnight. They require time and patience. Teach them the difference between good habits and bad habits.   


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