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Welcome to Shanti Juniors

Shanti Juniors Appavu Nagar is the most preferred school by the parents, as we 'CELEBRATE CHILDHOOD'. We give our students freedom to Explore and Learn.The parents can expect- * A Holistic Development in the child. * Well-Trained Teachers and Caretakers. * Clean, Well Maintained, Safe & Secured Campus installed with CCTV's. * Child-Friendly atmosphere. * Large play area with Sand pit & Water pool. WORK, LEARN & PLAY together teaches life l

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    How to Handle public tantrums by a child

    We as parents have all been judged by the society for how we handle the situation when our child is throwing a full-blown tantrum in public. Because ...

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    Cardboard fun for kids

    The ever-versatile and dynamic ingredient cardboard is an integral part of the recipe of precious childhood memories for all. Easily available, cost-...

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    Shanti Juniors’ Juniors Easy Pay

    The month of June is complete and yet there had been no respite from the heat except the occasional showers that only made the humidity worse. Mr Kum...

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    20 Positive Affirmations for Parents of Preschoolers

    But affirmations have advantages for parents just like they benefit children. An affirmation builds confidence and boosts it further. It is a great w...

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    Seven Things You Should Always Do with Your Child

    They see everything that we do. The reason for this is because they look up to us. Establishing a positive relationship with your children can help a...

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    Benefits of Scribbling for Toddlers

    As soon as a child can hold a crayon, pen or pencil correctly, he/she is ready to begin the foundation of learning how to write, that is scribbling. ...

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