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Happy Toddlers

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Healthy Me

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Teaching Vowels to Preschoolers

Once children have learnt the sound of letters, it is easier for them to learn how to speak. With the English language, consonants are easier to lear...

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Why Reading Aloud to Your Children Is A Good Idea?

Not just because it empowers children with knowledge but also because it has the potential to give children an opportunity to travel to a world diffe...

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Five Indoor Games for Kids to Beat the Lockdown

With children being at home all the time, parents are constantly worried about the children’s wellbeing. Besides the need to home-school them, childr...

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How to Teach Day and Night to Preschoolers

You will be amazed at the questions they can ask at times. While growing up, amongst the most common questions is the question of why there are day a...

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Teaching Indian Values to Preschoolers

But; the most precious among all these things is the abundance of values. Instilling values from an early age are instrumental in shaping a child’s c...

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Five Evergreen English Movies for Preschoolers

There is a myriad of activities that can be done with children, but what to do when you have checked off everything on that list of things to do?! Wh...

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