Shanti Asiatic School

At Shanti Asiatic School, we provide a holistic educational experience in a dynamic learning environment. We assess the unique, individual potential of each child and follow experiential instructional approaches that suit different learning styles.

Shanti Asiatic School promises to deliver quality education through innovative and multi disciplined techniques which allow children to understand and imbibe lessons completely and apply this learning to real life situations. These skill sets added to an enhanced persona created through activity exposure, mould young minds for leadership.


Parents Testimonials

Name of Parent: Mirat Shah
Name of the child: Harsh Shah
Centre: Ahmedabad, Paldi

The atmosphere of the playgroup class at Shanti Juniors is very conducive and liked by the kids. The personal attention of the teacher is appreciable. Harsh has learnt a lot from the playgroup due to family environment and attachment of teachers towards the children.

Name of Parent: Keyur M.Shah
Name of the child: Rutva K Shah
Class: Nursery
Centre: Ahmedabad, Paldi

As Rutva’s parents,we are extremely happy and satisfied. Apart from studies there are many preschool activities undertaken which have developed Rutva’s skills. We are extremely thankful to all the staff members of the school for developing my child and shaping his creativity.
Thanks a million times. We know that ‘THANKS’ word is not sufficient to express our views.

Name of Parent: Mrs. Archana V. Saini
Name of the child: Vatsal V. Saini
Class: Playgroup
Centre: Ahmedabad, Paldi

I am satisfied and happy as far as the activities carried out in play group are concerned. My child has learnt a lot and has become more smart after he joined the play group.
 I am glad that the teacher gives personal attention to tiny toddlers and extra care is given to their hygiene. Good manners and discipline are taught here and that is a very nice thing.
 Activities like sponge dabbing, finger painting, splash pool and festival celebrations are very appreciative. Also the PTM each month is very useful for the parents to know the progress of our children.
The staff is decent and cooperative. My kid loves coming to the centre very much and also loves the atmosphere.

Shahibaug, Parents’ Testimonials

Name of the Parent: Sandeep Logar
Name of the Child: Manit S. Logar

We are very thankful to ‘Shanti Juniors’ for such good development in our child. His vocabulary has increased and his pronunciation has improved.

Name of the Parent: Anup Agarwal, Nisha Agarwal
Name of the Child: Daksh Agarwal

Good teaching concepts with all current events are equally celebrated.

Name of the Parent: Ashwini Singh & Lina Chauhan
Name of the Child: Adityasingh Chauhan & Aditisingh Chauhan

My child has learnt good manners and become smart and disciplined. He can identify colors,animals,birds,etc and recite poems as well. So, thank you very much!

Name of the Parent: Vinita Anil Mehta
Name of the Child: Heer Mehta

I will not boast about ‘Shanti Juniors’ but it has got the real quality that a kid needs for its pillars to be built for a solid future. The school has the perfect infrastructure and a great staff. The whole staff understands the kids and acts accordingly. Overall, our child has been treated and taught very well. Thanks to ‘Shanti Juniors’ and all its staff members. Hope to see you all again.

Name of the Parent: Patel Alpesh Bhalchandra
Name of the Child: Patel Nishit Alpeshbhai

My son understands and can also speak different languages like Hindi and English. He learnt many rhymes and his knowledge also increased.

Name of the Parent: Chatwal Punit
Name of the Child: Chatwal Suhani

My daughter is becoming independent day by day. She has become active and smart. She loves and enjoys going to school. She always used to sing rhymes taught in the class. She loves to do activity sheets given in the class.

Name of the Parent: Rupesh and Swapna Shinde
Name of the Child: Arya
Class: Playgroup

It’s nice to see the progress of my child after joining Shanti Juniors. But we require some, help for tiffin completion. Your timely intimation about progress of my child’s activities is really appreciable.

Name of the Parent: Mr. and Mrs. Vishal N Raval
Name of the Child: Yajat Raval
Class: Playgroup

I admire the way teachers take care of the children

Name of the Parent: Mrs. Archana Nair 
Name of the Child: Rahul Nair
Class: Nursery
Centre: Ahmedabad,Bopal

"He learnt to express himself with Shanti Juniors. I would recommend "Shanti Juniors to every enthusiastic parents if they want to overcome the fear of schooling of their children.I am proud to be parents of "Shanti Juniors Student".


Name of the Parent:Shabnam Bhardwaj
Name of the Child: Samarth Bhardwaj
Class: Jr.KG
Centre: Ahmedabad, Bopal

Shanti Juniors School is providing the all round development to our tiny tots giing a Glimse of our culture.

Name of the Parent:Bharat Kumar Chimalal Chauhan
Name of the Child:Dhairya Chauhan
Class: Jr.KG
Centre: Ahmedabad, Bopal

Shanti juniors School has very good infrastructure, trained teachers and open supportive administration,

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