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Current Job Openings

Location Ahmedabad
No of Vacancy 1
Experience 3-8 Years
Job Description

    1. Creating artworks on the basis of brief form. 

    2. Ensuring discipline in the artworks with the corporate theme.

    3. Getting artworks approved from the respective authorities (only content-based).

    4. Creating innovative merchandisers.

    5. Study the rival and segment artworks and advertisements.

    6. Maintenance of artwork track (From brief to approval).

    7. Delivering creative in mentioned TAT.

    8. Monitoring rival advertisements and collaterals.

    9. Photography coordination of the children & pre-school activities.

    10. Visualize the concept and execute the same.

    11. Should take backup of all the CDR and PSD files.

    12. Create Innovative Expo themes.

    13. Co-ordinating with Printers & other relevant external vendors

Location Patna, Pune & Ahmedabad
No of Vacancy 1
Experience 0-3 Years
Job Description

    1. Will function directly under the Territory Manager - Support and will be responsible for overall coordination of all the Marketing and Counseling related events and issues of the respective centers.

    2. Will be responsible to increase footfalls and admissions in the Centres within Area of Responsibility (AOR).

    3. Responsible to advise the franchisee and directly involve in the recruitment and training of Centre Counselor.

    4. Will visit the centre site and provide suggestions on the ambience, teaching aids to be displayed, photo gallery display to act as a catalyst for converting the walk ins into admissions.

    5. Will be responsible to provide support for the Inauguration and ensure a smooth flow of the Event.

    6. Will brief the business partner on the Marketing Reimbursement Policy with Terms & Conditions and help in framing the plan for the complete year.

    7. Will maintain a daily & weekly call schedule for all the respective centers depending on the overall progress and smoothness of the center and get the same approved by the Territory Manager - Support.

    8. Will be responsible for the overall coordination & management of the marketing events to be conducted as per the Marketing Activity Flow Chart Policy and Marketing Reimbursement Policy (with Terms & Conditions).

    9. Will be responsible to plan, implement, support, guide, implement and manage the Marketing activities at the centres as required from time to time. Marketing activities like Pathfinders, Glowsign Boards, Banners, Leaflets, Hoardings, Newspaper Advt. Cable Advt after taking an approval from the Zonal Manager - Support.

    10. Will visit the centres at least once in a month to ensure that proper standards of counselling are followed and marketing related setup of the centre is appropriate. (e.g Sun packs, posters in front of the centers , Pathfinders, visibility of the centre etc. Counseling related-neatness and Ambience of the centre, Specific teaching aids displayed, centre tour, office ambience etc.)

    11. Shall maintain a Daily query register to note down the daily queries from the Franchise and make sure it is solved at the earliest.

Location Ahmedabad & Pune
No of Vacancy 1
Experience 0-3 Years
Job Description

     1.      Visits and Trainings

    Regular visits  to Shanti Juniors Centres for :

    a. Seat Placement (dispatch of SEAT and its follow up till SEAT Placement).

    b. Seat Training.

    c. Teachers’ sourcing and recruitment.

    d. Teacher’s training; conducting TIP- Teacher Induction Programme.

    e. Running and conducting academic events, contests, workshops and seminars for parents and teachers in discussion with Curriculum HOD.

    f. Planning and arranging for Skype meetings with HOD of every centre once a Quarter for direct interactions.

    g. Conducting cross territory (not in territory assigned/mapped to self) and cross zonal Quality Audit and Service Assistance with a mentor or co-worker.

    h. Handling Teacher Induction Programmes (trainings) of all centres; right from structuring their dates to their participant coordination, venue selection, arrangements for flooding, reading the material, changeability.

     2.      Programme Implementation & Quality Audits

    a.      Implementation of quality in curriculum and maintenance of all centres.

    b.      Conducting/ arranging for the cluster meetings once a month to understand challenges in curriculum implementation and resolution of queries.

    c.      Administration of Quality Mantra during every visit.

    d.      Suggesting updates to curriculum team collected from the personal visit (observations), teacher’s discussion, franchisee suggestions etc.

    e.      Planning and conducting training programmes to ensure apt implementation of the up-gradation created.

    f.        Collecting Feedback forms in documentation from Franchisees, Parents and Teachers on a regular basis to help raise the bar of Quality of Education.

     3.      Reports, content & Web-contributions

    a.      Making and maintaining files all the feedbacks, portfolios and other relevant documents of centres related to academics.

    b.      Preparing Minutes of meeting for academic/ training related meets/ reviews, reports of visits, trainings, events and celebrations at Shanti Juniors visited/conducted regularly.

    c.      Collecting photographs of centres, activities, events, celebrations through personal visits, emails from centres and trainings and providing for website uploading.

    d.      Creating and releasing newsletters for respective zones on a quarterly basis which should reflect the highlights of most centres under purview.

    e.      Analysing Quality mantra, Academic Feedback forms from various sources like parents, teachers and franchisees, Analysis of QASA for statistical summation.

Location Muzzafarpur, Ranchi, Lucknow
No of Vacancy 1
Experience 2-5 Years
Job Description

    1. Set, achieve and review targets for the territory in terms of number of centres and number of

    seats to be filled per centre.

    2. Develop marketing strategies for business development within Territory.

    3. Identify locations within territory with scope for opening a new centre.

    4. Maintain data of parties interested in business partnership and regularly update the same by

    call and personal visits.

    5. Handle brand and Investor portfolio.

    6. Arranging meetings, site visits and maintaining loop between brand and investor so as to

    increase the success ratio for closures.

    7. Finalize Corporate Alliances for franchise expansion with prospective clients/brands.

    8. Participating in the Business Fairs, Expo, BOS etc and generate the leads and close the inquiries.

Location Ahmedabad
No of Vacancy 1
Experience 3-4 Years
Job Description

    1. Translate application storyboards and use cases into functional applications.

    2. Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code.

    3. Integrate data storage solutions.

    4. Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.

    5. Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to mitigate and address these issues.

    6. Help maintain code quality, organization, and automation.

Location Ahmedabad
No of Vacancy 1
Experience 0-3 Years
Job Description

    1. Handling and organizing all the meetings and drafting minutes for the same.

    2. Day to day action plan and maintaining track of meetings, appointments and other press release

    3. Maintaining Calendar and events for the CMD.

    4. Ownership of all meetings with GP, VP. EVP from relevant businesses.

    5. Preparing MOM and timely distribution for execution and referral.

    6. Correspond with Direct Reports with inconsistencies and request them to update with amended copies, submitting reports to the CMD.

    7. Travel & Hotel Booking Handling

    8. Managing all Guest House responsibilities

    9. General Filing and database maintaining.

    10. General administrative work involved with the role and responsibilities

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