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    Hey there, I don’t know who are you but either you’re someone’s mother, sister, wife, daughter or you’ve them. We hear a lot of about women’s rights and her equality. However, we think it in a broader aspect, she isn’t worth pitying, she is worth being proud of.Read More
  • Shanti Juniors
    Yes, that’s what Manushi Chillar said - Mother’s deserve the highest salary…Indeed Read More
  • Shanti Juniors
    As parents, we often struggle in setting up a routine for nurturing our young ones. Then how about raising a confident child? We sometimes wish we could master the skills to know the steps and process to raise a confident child. How can we diagnose the problems and take corrective actions?Read More

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Starting your own pre-school is no more a worry-ful venture, if started with the right brand. Talk to our experts and understand as for how to start it with an investment of as low as 12 lacs.



App Learn

Parents, Have you ever succeeded in keeping your child away from your smart phones and tablets? Well, I know you must have tried a lot but your child must be addicted to that Gadget. Now, Shanti Juniors brings a relief and a good news that your child will learn, score and develop with our exclusively customized app, which is based on our curriculum and worksheets. “Juniors App Learn” is the gateway to learning in the form of games & puzzles.

Though there is no better substitute for sitting with your children at the end of the day, listening and sharing daily routines, reading out a story to them or even playing a simple game but let us admit that,  technology, if used wisely by parents/ educators can be really helpful for the child.

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